Vietnam’s energy efficiency campaign gets technical support from the Embassy of Denmark

On Nov 27, the Vietnamese MOIT launched an Energy Efficiency Campaign to create positive change in energy consumption within the industrial sector and state agencies. The campaign is designed to help save between 5-8% of national energy consumption during its running period, 2012-2015.

With technical support from the Embassy of Denmark and International Finance Corporation, the campaign will focus on improving awareness and supporting key energy business consumers in their implementation of the Law on Energy Saving and Efficiency, effective as of January 1, 2011, reports the Danish Embassty in Vietnam.

A variety of business-oriented communication activities will be carried out to raise companies’ awareness of energy efficiency benefits. Participating companies will be provided with capacity building support and access to financial facilities for better energy management, among other things.

At the launch the Danish Ambassador John Nielsen said, “I believe a concerted effort among the Government of Vietnam and the business sector can improve energy efficiency, bring higher revenues for companies and can contribute to a more sustainable economic growth in Vietnam as well as the global fight against climate change.”

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