Vietnam’s Monsoon Festival invites young talents, inspired by Roskilde

The Denmark-supported music festival in Vietnam named Monsoon Festival has announced that the Danish band WhomadeWho will perform on its opening at this year’s edition, on 8 October 2015.


Mr. Quoc Trung, the festival’s father, and his team met the Danish band “” at the Danish Roskilde Festival in July and consequently booked them to perform in Vietnam.

Monsoon Music Festival is the first international music festival in Vietnam and presents a line-up of both international and local artists.
Whomadewho consist of singer and jazz guitarist Jeppe Kjellberg, drummer Tomas Barfoed and singer/bassist Tomas Høffding.


The 2015 edition of the festival will also have a special performance lot for upcoming artists who have the potential of becoming a rising star. As the Roskilde Festival is a big inspiration for the Monsoon-festival is arranging name competition (with 27 September as deadline) for this slot, wanting a title should also preferable contain references to Danish art and music tradition and Danish culture. The name can both be in English and Vietnamese.

The three best names will be rewarded with four 4-nights package tickets for the Monsoon Festival in October and have the chance to get their suggestion chosen as the final name for the special performance lot selected by the Monsoon Festival.


Ane Kirsten Andersen, Head of Communication, Culture & Administration Chancery at the Danish Embassy, was among the speakers at the announcement of this year’s edition. She emphasized that the Danish Embassy is happy to be a part of the Monsoon Festival and that “the festival is a fantastic way to use beautiful public spaces and music to connect people and the community”.

The Danish Embassy has through our cultural programme supported the festival from the beginning. In 2008 the Embassy financed a trip for Quoc Trung, the founder of Monsoon, and his team to Denmark in order for them to visit one of the biggest rock festivals in the world – Roskilde Festival.

Roskilde Festival has trough out the years been a source of inspiration for the Monsoon crew and you can see the similarities in the philosophy of the two festivals: like Roskilde the Monsoon emphasizes solidarity and the creation of a community feeling. Furthermore, the festival is built up upon volunteerism. This summer the crew visited Roskilde Festival again and gained a lot of useful experience, which inspired them to create a new space especially for handicapped festival guests and for the first time in Vietnam using wristbands instead of tickets.


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