Admirals Bangkachao Invasion by Viking Wheelers

On Sunday 12 January 2014 at 9 am sharp a group of 9 brave Vikings turned up at Admirals@24 to join the Viking Wheelers Bangkachao Invasion. They were: Bent Laasholt, Claus Gundersen, Lars Henrik Jensen, Beate Stampe Rasmussen, Jan Dam Pedersen, Anika Jonasson with her son and his friend and Hans Henrik Melchior.

The team cycled to the Klong Toey boatlanding, took a long-tail boat across and cycled to the pit stop at the Bang Nam Phung Floating Market, with a brief ride through the garden of the Fighting Fish Gallery. After the pitstop the Vikings returned to the Boat Landing, with a short detour through the Sri Nakhon Khuen Khan Park for the boat trip back across the river and to the Admirals.

At the Admirals Bent had arranged for proper replenishment of carbohydrates and whatever the riders needed to recover from the ride.

A wonderful tour which the riders decided should be repeated every last Saturday of the month (not in February, however, due to the Pattay weekend on 22 and 23 February).



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