Virtual Finland village open for Finnish expats abroad

The Virtual Finland village is a week-long event organized by Finland-Seura ry. and the Suomi-village is a meeting place for all Finnish expats abroad.

The village aims to create cross-border encounters and shared emotional memories, to open a new kind of social dialogue between Finnish expats, and to present Finnish know-how to the world. 

During the week-long event, Suomi-kylä is filled with cultural events, webinars, discussion events, and presentations of services for Finns abroad. Suomi-kylä is a meeting place where you can network with Finns living in the world and chat with Finnish decision-makers and authorities, as well as other parties participating in the event. 

A session of the Finnish Parliament Abroad will for the first time remotely be held in Suomi-kylä from 11 to 12 June.

The Virtual Finland Village free of charge and open 24 hours a day between 7–13. June 2021.

Find more information and visit the Virtual Finland Village here

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