Application deluge at Danish embassy’s visa section

It is high season for issuance of visas to go to Denmark, and the visa section receives about 100 applications daily. It is about four times as many as on a normal day in for example November where about 20-30 applications are sent to the visa section daily.
“Many people are going to visit family and friends in Denmark during the Danish spring and summer from April to August. At the same time several tourist groups are going to Denmark as well as to Iceland which our visa section also covers”, says Annette Rosenqvist, Head of Visa section.

“Typically the peak season for visa issuance is from March to August. This year we are extraordinarily busy as one of the tourist groups going to Denmark consists of about 2000 tourists who will join a cruise tour in Scandinavia out of Copenhagen in May 2014. The visa section has hired extra temporary staff for the busiest time of the peak season to ensure that the processing time of maximum 15 days for issuance of a visa can be maintained.

Visa application Center also busy
Naturally there is also great activity at the Visa Application Center, VFS, which receives the applicants, obtain their finger prints, key in their applications and ensures that all required documents are submitted to the visa section for further consideration. During the peak season VFS is operating with two queues: One for group tourists and one for the regular applicants.

Unfortunately we do experience hours of waiting time presently, but a new biometric station will soon be in place at VFS enabling the office to speed up the processing time of applying for a visa.  “While we are pleased that so many tourists choose to visit Denmark we are also fully aware that both the tourists and the regular applicants may have to wait longer than normally for both the application procedure and the issuance of the visa. I would, however stress that we are doing our best to ensure that we  deliver visa on time, which is 15 days from the time of application”, says Ambassador Mikael Hemniti Winther.

Source: Embassy of Denmark in Thailand

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