Visa overstayers told to clean up their act

Marc Spiegel, President of Thai-Finnish Chamber of Commerce, in a recent message to Chamber members, said the ongoing crackdown on the misuse of tourist and education visas by the Immigration Bureau indicated that the Thai authorities were determined to root out the longstanding problem.

He said the Chamber had received “The Acknowledgement of Penalties for a Visa Overstay” (see photo) from the Immigration Bureau earlier this month.

“We strongly urge anyone living and/or working in Thailand without the proper Visas and/or Work Permits to rectify their situation immediately as the consequences are extremely severe and you may find yourself banned for life from entering Thailand again,” Spiegel said.

“We also understand that Education Visa students who have been living here for years without actually studying will also be targeted, as well as Retirement Visas for those that are using them as a means to secure work and stay in Thailand”.


Source: Thai-Finnish Chamber of Commerce

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