Web-based fleet management system on offer from Volvo Malaysia

In its continued efforts to maximise its offering of total transport solutions to companies, Volvo Malaysia has recently introduced its latest web-based fleet management system; Dynafleet (in connection to the second Malaysia International Bus, Truck & Components Expo 2015).

Dynafleet is Volvo’s subscription based telematics solution that can streamline the planning and execution of transport assignments, an important aspect of coordination for transportation companies. Using a web-based version of the system transportation companies can measure fuel consumption, track location and communicate with each individual truck and driver via a user-friendly app.


The Dynafleet is made for flexibility as it is conveniently accessed through mobile or tablet, replacing the computer based portal generally centred in the customers’ office. One major benefit is the Driver Coaching function inside the cab itself. Drivers are coached on the spot in ways to reduce fuel consumption and increase safety. If a driver improves fuel efficiency by a modest 3%, this could save customers’ large sums of cash in the long run.

Customers who want to use Dynafleet primarily as a tool for saving fuel and reducing their environmental impact will choose ‘Fuel & Environment’. ‘Positioning’ has been designed to provide location identification and route history, while ‘Messaging’ is a service allowing text messages to be exchanged between the drivers and the central office for better order integration.

In addition, the Dynafleet app which is available on Apple iTunes and Google Play, allows owners and fleet managers to conveniently follow each of their truck remotely, from any location via smartphone or tablet. The app features a fuel efficiency score that is built from four driver performance indicators: anticipation and braking, engine and gear utilisation, speed adaptation and standstill. They can also access a range of parameters in real time, including exact location, fuel consumption, driver times, carbon emissions, and the locations of Volvo Trucks’ dealerships.

“The fuel efficiency scores are unique to the Dynafleet app and make it even easier to monitor and reduce fuel consumption. Users will be able to access overall scores for the whole fleet or individual trucks and drivers, as well as data from specific time periods. The scores can then be broken down into specific parameters so that businesses can pinpoint the exact areas that need to be improved, tailoring action plans and training accordingly,” said explains Stephan Alveflo, Telematics Manager of Volvo Trucks, Asia Oceania.

The Dynafleet app also shows vehicle positioning. Google’s detailed and easy-to-use map system provides route descriptions, route planning, address data and traffic information. Driver and vehicle data can be presented directly in the map. This is both practical and time-saving to provide information about a particular delivery and, at the same time, monitor its progress visually.

Volvo Trucks’ Dynafleet system complements the on-going Volvo Driver Development Programme in helping customers gain better control of driving behaviour and transport routes. Combined with driver training, information gathered through Dynafleet can also help reduce fuel consumption by up to 10 percent. This forms a solid base for optimizing logistical flow and train drivers on specific skills needed to continuously improve fuel efficiency and vehicle productivity.


“Dynafleet was first launched in 1994, making Volvo the first European truck manufacturer to offer its own fleet management system. We wanted to create a new service to further reduce cost and fuel consumption while simultaneously optimizing fleet utilisation and enhancing driver competency and productivity. The results – well-received! Our customers in the logistics and transportation industry gave nothing short of an affirmative testimonial on the efficiency of the technology and the positive impact it had on their business operations, the environment, and the development of their drivers,” Managing Director of Volvo Malaysia, Mats Nilsson, said at the launch.

“Since its inception; more than 90,000 trucks worldwide have installed the Volvo Dynafleet system. As you can imagine, this proven technology is our success story and we are excited to bring Dynafleet to Asia. Over the years, we have enhanced and fine-tuned the systems; and Malaysia will be one of the first few Asian markets to experience this technology,” hed added.

Volvo Malaysia also introduced another first for the country; its oldest crash test dummy ‘Clive Alive’ to reinforce its core value; Safety.

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