What the hack: SSS website was hacked by an identified anonymous

Two weeks ago, Robert Kronberg, chairman of Scandinavian Society Siam woke up to discover the association’s website has been washed away in total white background with one sentence appearing on top, “hacked by Siber Ordu.”

The hacker was identified on Facebook as ‘Siber Ordu zaza hacker,’ with the language used detecting to be Turkish. However, the SSS board decided not to press charges against him/her.

“I don’t think the police can do something about it because the hacker may not even be in Thailand. It would be a waste of time for us and for the police,” Kronberg said in an interview with ScandAsia.

Even though, without further actions being done, the chairman is not happy about the incident: “It’s quite annoying that people are doing something like this. I understand that some people have their political issues but our association has never done anything to anybody.”

Kronberg, however, had a huge relief when he knew that the website’s database was still intact and the front page was immediately restored – with all the menu disappeared. The member database is not affected.

When asked of the hacker’s possible motives behind the incident, Kronberg said that he inspected it to be the nature of hackers – to hack – and thanks to the SSS website’s outdated security system, “it could be hacked easily.”

“Our current website is very old-fashioned and needs room for some improvements. We are taking this opportunity to revamp our page and make it more easily integrated with social media site like Facebook,” he added.

The Scandinavian Society Siam is now looking for a voluntary webmaster/webdesigner – either a private person or a company, to oversee the upgrading. (For more info contact: [email protected])

Not exactly a new plan, the SSS board has been discussing to create a new website for quite sometime. But the incident is a true tipping point.

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