Danes buy Haribo Matadormix – Swedes buy peanuts..


Nuts and candy are the indisputable favorits among tax free goods that travelers from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland buy, when they are traveling. 

Norwegians want to pamper themselves and the pampering starts already before the trip when they order tax free goods online. For the Norwegians, nuts are on the top of the list and on the alcohol side the favorites are Jägermeister, Baileys or cognac.

These and more details are revealed by the taxfree shop Airshoppen which belongs to Vings own airline Thomas Cook Airlines.

When it comes to beauty products, Norwegians go for Biotherm-products og Piz Buin-sun creme solkremer. Among other product, watches from Daniel Wellington are popular in Norway


So what do the different Nordic people buy when they buy tax free?

Food Alcoholic beverage Beauty and Body Boutique things
Norway 1. Pittjes Peanuts
2. Toffifee
3. Pittjes Mix Nuts
1. Jägermeister Bitter
2. Baileys Likør
3. Bache-Gabrielsen Cognac
1. Biotherm Deo Pure 3-Pack
2. Piz Buin Combo Spf 20-10
3. Biotherm Baume Oil 2-Pack
1. Daniel Wellington unisex-ur
2. Anne Klein dameur
3. Clean Bed overstrekkslaken til solstol
Sweden 1. Pittjes Peanuts
2. Pittjes Mix Nuts
3. Toblerone Gold
1. Tullamore Dew Whisky
2. Bombay Sapphire Gin
3. Famous Grouse Whisky
1. Piz Buin Combo Spf 20-10
2. Hawaiian Tropic 3-Pack
3. Biotherm Baume Oil 2-Pack
1. Mares Voksen dykkesett
2. Anne Klein dameur
3. Gant Park Hill II herreur
Denmark 1. Haribo Matadormix
2. Fazer Marianne
3. Toblerone Gold
1. Fernet-Branca Bitter
2. Bombay Sapphire Gin
3. Tullamore Dew Whisky
1. Boss Ma Vie Edp 50 Ml
2. Biotherm Aftersun 400 Ml
3. Biotherm Deo Pure 3-Pack
1. Swiss Military Hanowa herreur
2. Hugo Boss Driver herreur
3. Anne Klein dameur
Finland 1. Toblerone Gold
2. Skippers Pipes
3. Fazer Marianne
1. Renault Cognac
2. Otard Cognac
3. Larsen Cognac
1. Boss Ma Vie Edp 50 Ml
2. Biotherm Deo Pure 3-Pack
3. Boss Bottled Deostick 3-Pack
1. Anne Klein dameur
2. Daniel Wellington unisex-ur
3. Clean Bed overstrekkslaken til solstol

Practical solution

Ving’s communications director believes, that Airshoppen is popular because the selection of goods is wide and the prices offer real savings and finally it feels like an added service to find the goods being brought to your seat when you board the plane.

Travelers can chose if they like to receive the goods on the way out or on the return flight. Or indeed both.



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