Young Dane plunged to death in Pattaya


David Roegen, 22, died Monday morning in Pattaya, Thailand when he fell from a balcony on the 23rd floor at Jomtien Condominium.

“We can confirm that a Dane has died in Thailand. The relatives have been informed, and the embassy is in contact with local authorities,” said an officer in charge of the Foreign Ministry’s Consular.

A doctor could shortly after the fall found that the young Dane died when he hit some air conditioning compressors on the 5th floor. He was tried in vain to be revived, writes a news site Pattaya One.

The young man was known to be living in room number 2317. Inside the room, Police found evidence of drug taking but no actual narcotics were found.

Residents suggested Mr. Roegen was a pleasant and sociable man who showed no signs of stress or depression which could lead him to take his own life. The 22-year-old was allegedly alone in the room when the accident took place, and there was no sign of a fight or struggle in the room.

The local police will continue investigating the accident.


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