Driver who killed four Swedes released on bail

The driver of a truck whose alleged reckless driving killed four young Swedish tourists and their Thai driver in Phang Nga last week has been released on bail. An officer at Phang Nga Provincial Court told the Gazette last Wednesday that the driver, 27-year-old Muhummadyukee Jehyusoh, requested bail release on February 3.

Released three days later after coming up with a 300,000 baht bond, he is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow , the Phuket Gazette has learned.

Khok Kloy District Police duty officer Santi Prakobpran said Mr Muhummadyukee confessed to being the driver of the truck, but provided no details as to what caused the vehicle to traverse the gullied median strip and slam head on into a Toyota Altis driven by 26-year-old Wichit Phromluang of Udon Thani province.

Mr Wichit was killed instantly by the impact, along with four young Swedes on their way to Koh Tao in Chumphon Province.

They were identified as: Johan Svensson, 21, and his girlfriend Frida Falk, 22; Tobias Larsson, 21, and his girlfriend Elin Hedbris, 21.

Mr Muhummadyukee walked away from the collision unhurt and fled on foot. After conferring with his employers at the Chotepatama Company in Narathiwat, he surrendered himself to Khok Kloy Police on February 3.

According to the Gazette one of the couples will be buried on February 21st and the other on February 23rd, and the funeral services will be held in the town church of Varberg.

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