SWEA Bangkok – Annual meeting

The Swedish Women’s Educational Association held its annual meeting on Wednesday 09 February 2012 at the Rembrandt Hotel. This year there were 30 members who participated in the annual meeting. 
Maria Mellblom who has been the chairman of SWEA since November 2011 was reelected for another term.

The other members elected for the board are:

– Secretary                                            Cilla Fridlund
– Vice President                                     Katarina Svensson
– Treasurer                                            Kerstin Andersson
– Webmaster                                         Kristina Ek
– President                                            Maria Mellblom
– Programme “Manager”                        Ylva Erlandsson
– Membership “Manager”                       Yvonne Strobel

The members enjoyed the food and wine from ScanDeli, while discussing SWEA’s future plans.

”We will among others set up a small group of 3-5 persons that will look for and take care of our donation projects for this year,” Maria Mellblom tells ScandAsia.

“It could be that we find women in the slum that we teach how to bake Swedish bread or cookies and they might need a Swedish oven that we could donate. Or it could also be a sewing machine or something else that they need. It is a condition that there has to be some connections to Sweden, either that the machines are Swedish or that we help and teach them to do or make something typically Swedish. Because for our organization SWEA there always has to be some connections to Sweden whatever we do,” Maria Mellblom explains.

Maria Mellblom adds that she hopes SWEA will attract more members in the year to come. ”Unfortunately many think that we are only an association for older women. That is definitely not the case. Most of our members are young and have small children who benefit from playing with other Swedish children.”

“We welcome all new members young as ”old” just contact Yvonne Strobel who takes care of new members, read more about us at http://www.sweabangkok.com/


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