Danish Ambassador Opened Conference

The Danish Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr. John Nielsen was spotted giving a speech at the official opening of conference on Community Based Adaptation to climate change on Thursday 19 April.

The international conference gathered more than 300 professionals from all over the world started with three days of field trips visiting specific projects in climate change prone areas. The actual conference was launched yesterday on Thursday 19 April in Hanoi and will continue until 22 April.

Danish Ambassador to Vietnam John Nielsen was one of the key speakers during the official opening of the conference with, among other, the Vietnamese Minister of Natural Resource and Environment and the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The objective of the conference is to allow practitioners and professionals to share good experiences and discuss knowledge of Community Based Adaption training and planning to climate changes. Moreover, participants are encouraged to enhance their capacity in order to more effectively help those most vulnerable to climate changes.

“The consequences of climate change is holding back the international efforts to combat poverty and the achievement of Millennium Development Goals”, said the Ambassador in his opening speech.

At fact that underlines the importance of this kind of conferences and the immediate need for governments, NGO’s and private sector in collaboration to communicate and help vulnerable communities to adapt to the climate changes that are threatening – not only their source of income but also their lives

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