Filipino Call Center Agent Arrested for Identity Theft

According to a Filipino media, Maan Macapagal, ABS-CBN News, a call center agent is facing multiple charges after she was caught receiving money from an Australian man whom she tricked through social networking site Facebook.

The suspect, identified as Louella Tan, allegedly created a fake Facebook account using photographs of Fil-Norwegian commercial model Janka Cederstam.

Louella Tan used the alias “Jen Matheson” on the site.

The Norwegian model said she received a call from an Australian who claimed that he met “Matheson” through Facebook.

The Aussie, whose identity was not revealed, said he often chatted online with “Matheson” until she became his girlfriend.

The Aussie said the suspect had convinced him to send money to the Philippines because the suspect claimed there is no one to support her financially as both her parents are dead.

The Norwegian model immediately filed a complaint with the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) against the identity thief and a sting operation was set up.

Louella Tan was arrested by the NBI Technical Investigation Division while she was collecting the money sent by the Australian.

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