The Swedish and Danish Chambers Wine Tasting Visit

On a Saturday afternoon 14 April 2012, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce together with the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Beijing invited their members for a visit at the Dragon Seal Winery to learn more about the Chinese wine industry and some great quality wine made in China.

Members of the Chambers were guided through the well organized museum that showed the history of Dragon Seal from 1910, when the winery was founded by a French missionary, until the modern butlery and further down to the Private wine cellar where the members had a look at the huge oak wine barrels that were used for earlier wine production. Those barrels needed to be cleaned on the inside by hand, the worker needed to go inside the barrel through a tiny door. Nowadays smaller barrels are used and only reused three times before disposal.

Dragon Seal is the result of French winemaking expertise and Chinese tradition and has become award winner for its good quality at Challenge International du VIN in Bordeaux, Chardonnay du Monde in Bourgogne, Selections Mondiales in Montreal and China international wine and spirit competition.  
It is the third biggest winery in China. Most of their production is exported to Germany, France and Belgium. Only about 10 % of the production is white wine, a miner production is sparkling wine and the rest about 80% is red wine. Most of the white wines are exported since the Chinese consumers do not drink white wine.

The original Dragon Seal Wine yard, was placed at the winery, but is now moved to Huailai Country, in the Hebei province, close to the Great Wall at Badaling, China. The Huailai County Vineyards has very good wine growing potential with its hillside slopes, sand and stone soil that gives the wine ranks a well drained soil with low organic content. 

The members ended the visit with a wine tasting.

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