Danish Embassy Supports Chinese Arts

To support and promote local arts, artworks created by young talented Chinese artists will be displayed at the Royal Danish Embassy in China.

Next time you visit the Danish Embassy in China, you might find beautiful arts displayed there that are not Danish. The biggest and new meeting facility at the Danish Embassy has now become a platform for young talented Chinese artists to express their thoughts through art.

“To exhibit and display their art, they reach a new and important audience. Many Danish business people, politicians, diplomats, and students will get the opportunity to see what happens on the Chinese art scene,” states the Danish Ambassador Friis Arne Petersen.

The first artist to display his work at the Danish Embassy is Li Yiwen.  Born in 1982 in Luoyang, Li Yiwen went for an education at Central Academy of Fine Arts.

“I think it’s a really good platform for a young artist like me to communicate with people through arts. My works usually focus on questioning the reality, historty an the existance,” says Li Yiwen.

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