Norwegian Expat’s ‘How to Live Rich’ Book Launched

Settled in Phnom Penh since last September, a Norwegian expat Ronnie Eide, recently launched a new book ‘How to Live Rich Anywhere in the World: The Ultimate Guide to Successful Living Abroad’. 

After nearly 20 years of making his fortune abroad, the entrepreneur and author Eide is sharing his life lessons and success stories from his years living and working in Sweden and Thailand onto the book aiming to catch attention of foreigners who want to get wealthier and those yearning for a more contented life.

“What’s happening now in Cambodia is what was happening when I first arrived in Thailand. I see a lot of opportunity, as well as a lot of opportunity to help local people,” says Eide.

The selling point of the book is the details on how to be successful in a foreign country. It covers details from how to ensure job security and timely payment, how to start a business, to planning for a retirement.

Despite his success as an entrepreneur, Eide stresses in his book that material wealth is not a prerequisite for a rich life. One of the main focuses is on the need to give back to the country in which foreigners decide to settle.  The plan to construct a school in Kampong Charm is also included in his book.

“The title can mean different things. Some people don’t need a lot of money to lead a rich life. I think that comes out in the book as well. And of course, some people want to do things with a lot of money as well, you know,” says Eide with a laugh.

How to Live Rich is available at local bookstores in Cambodia such as Monument and PBC.

The electronic version is also available for Kindle which can be purchased on or visit the author’s website at this link

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