Finnish Herb for Sexual Health Introduced in Thailand

In cooperation with Complete-Pharma, a Finnish-Thai food supplements producer in Helsinki Finland, Herotic Life Company recently introduced a food supplement product for men’s sexual health called X-Back to the Thai market. The company’s sales target for both Thailand and other countries in the region is 200 million baht.
Certified by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in Thailand, Mr. Ekawat Wongchukaew, the president of Herotic Life Company, revealed that X-Back is registered as a food supplement product for men’s health. Consisting of Thai herbs and imported herbs from Finland, the product’s main application is for a broad range of sexual problems. It mainly helps improve blood circulation and sexual satisfaction.

“Our product is different from Viagra which contains a lot of stimulants that should not be taken by people with some illnesses,” said Mr. Ekawat. 

As for its marketing strategy, the company plans to advertise through cable TV channels and to distribute to pharmacies nationwide through modern trade and dealers.

“Our sales target is 200 million baht which will derive from both local and international markets. The estimated sales are 74,000 packs in Thailand, 50,000 packs in Laos, and 50,000 packs in Cambodia. If all is going well, we will expand to Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore in the near future,” added Mr. Ekawat.

According to Mr. Ekawat, food supplement products from just about 5-7 producers are certified by FDA and the market value of these certified products is 2,000 million baht while the market value of the underground food supplement market is accounted for over 6,000 million baht. The company plans to take 10% market share of the legal food supplementary market.

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