Bangkok Students Compete for Exchange Program with Norway and Sweden

The 4th Youth Ambassador Program was inaugurated by Mr. Suttichai Werakul, the president of Bangkok Metropolitan Council, last week at S.D. Avenue hotel in Bangkok. Sixteen students will be selected from a total number of 209 to be the country’s Ambassadors in an exchange program with Norway and Sweden.

“The objective is to offer opportunities to students to learn both in theories and in practice about Thai culture, Thai manners, and also Swedish and Norwegian languages directly from well-respected professors from Bandit Patanasilpa Institute of Culture, Sports and Tourism Department,” said Mr. Suttichai. 

The training camp practice is held for students to participate for a selection process. Sixteen students will be selected based on language skills, personalities, and social skills. They will be the country’s youth ambassadors in Sweden and Norway.

The sixteen names will be announced on on June 1.

For more information, call +66(0)2437 6337 ext. 3472

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