Scandinavian Films at EU Eco Film Festival in Bangkok

To increase awareness of climate change impact on humans and environment, European Eco Film Festival will be held on 24-27 May at SF Cinema Terminal 21 Shopping Centre. Quality Eco films from Finland, Denmark and Sweden will be screened.

The festival is held in the run-up to the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development taking place in Rio de Janeiro in June, called ‘Rio+20’ in short. A mix of short films, documentaries, and feature films from Scandinavian countries, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Poland and France will be presented.

Featured films from Scandinavian countries include Cities on Speed – Cairo Garbage, Submission: In Defence of the Unborn, and Recipes for Disaster.

Directed by Mikala Krogh, the Danish Film “Cities on Speed – Cairo Garbage” will be screed on Friday, 25 May at 8.00p.m. The film reflects changes in a city that once was neat and tidy but later became piled up with garbage due to increased population and lack of solution. Cairo Garbage is a portrait of the city community seen through its garbage.

The second Scandinavian eco film to be screened is the Swedish film “Submission: In Defence of the Unborn”, directed by Stefan Jarl, on Sunday 27 May at 3.00p.m. The film presents how humans are constantly exposed to chemicals and even the unborn these days have higher levels of chemical concentration than ever before. This documentary is about the 100,000 chemicals we use every day, what they’re for and what they do to our health.

To be screened on 27 May at 8.00p.m. is the Finnish film “Recipes for Disaster”, where Finnish attitude toward environment is seen here. The film director John Webster convinces his family, wife and two small children to cut back on consumption of oil-based products like food, shampoo or toys packed in plastic. For one year they go on their suburban lives without fossil fuels, without driving cars or flying airplanes. The year turns out to be a comedy of errors and they find themselves questioning their values and will power.

All films will be screened in their original languages with English subtitles.  Admission to all screenings is free of charge. Tickets are available at the venue 30 minutes before the screening. The programme may be changed without prior notice.

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