Denmark – a large, green donor in Vietnam

The Danish ambassador of Denmark in Vietnam, John Nielsen, participated in the EU delegation’s publication of the annual publication of the report of the European Union’s development cooperation in Vietnam on 31 May 2012.

The 2012 edition of the European Union Blue Book shows that the European Union remains one of Vietnam’s leading providers of development assistance, with a total of € 745.3 million (US$ 1.01 billion) indicative commitment for 2012 or equivalent to 13.24 per cent of total committed external aid.

Grants’ share counts for 32.5% or € 245.21 million (US$ 324.05 million).

At the press conference, the Danish Ambassador stated that it demonstrates the strong EU commitment to promoting sustainable development in Vietnam.

“And in Denmark we will play our part as the biggest grant donor to Vietnam among the EU member states, and Denmark remains a strong and reliable partner in international development cooperation in Vietnam,” he said.

A key priority area in Danish development assistance to Vietnam is to combat climate changes and promote green growth, Ambassador Nielsen added, “We walk the talk”.

Denmark is making an active effort to meet its own ambitious objectives to reduce CO2 emissions and to fulfill its international obligations to support developing countries in their bid to combat climate change.

In Vietnam, Denmark is providing financial and technical assistance to energy efficiency, renewable energy, water and solid waste treatment.

The Danish society exemplifies how sustainable development can go hand in hand with increasing consumption and economic growth. In the last 25 years, the Danish economy has grown by 70 per cent while energy consumption has remained unchanged.

With 1100 Danish clean-tech companies, 60,000 employees and a 12 billion Euro export value and no less than 46 research institutions focusing on R&D within green growth, Denmark is one of the world’s indisputable green growth centres.

The Danish development cooperation is based on the principles of national ownership and accountability. These principles will continue to be central in all we do. And these principles are enshrined in both the new, Danish and EU Development Policy.

The Danish Embassy believes that the best development results are achieved through supporting their partner countries’ own plans and systems, including direct support to their national budgets but also realize the will be in need of robust mechanisms in place to ensure transparency and accountability.

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