21.52% more Thai people living in Norway

The number of Thai people living in Norway in 2003 increased 21.52 per cent from the earlier year. Statistics Norway’s figures shows that 3,636 Thai people lived in Norway as at January 1, 2003, a significant increase from last year.
     Number of Filipinos living in Norway meanwhile increased by 11.71 per cent from 2,109 persons in 2002 to 2,356 persons this year. A slight increase of 1.35 per cent was also seen for number of Vietnamese living in the country, 1,582 persons this year compared to 1,561 persons last year.
     There is a considerable majority of women from Thailand and the Philippines. Among Thai people living in Norway, as much as 85.64 per cent are women. The proportion of women was 82.26 per cent for the Filipinos.
     The number of foreign citizens living in Norway increased by 11,805 persons or 6.35 per cent from last year to 197,668 persons this year. This accounts for 4.3 per cent of total Norwegian population.

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