Nokia launches 808 PureView in Indonesia

Nokia officially released the Nokia PureView 808, a smart-phone that features a large, high-resolution 41 megapixel sensor with high-performance Carl Zeiss optics, to the Indonesian market on Thursday, 7 June.

The smart-phone that priced Rp 6.5 million (US$688) is set to be available during the Indonesia Cellular Show (ICS) that is being held in Jakarta from 6 to 10 June.

According to Nokia lead marketing and brand communications manager Triari Senawirawan, the Nokia 808 PureView was targeting a niche market that was enthusiastic about photography or involved in creative industries.

“We are only offering a very limited number of Nokia 808 PureViews in Indonesia. If all of them are sold during the ICS, we won’t sell it at the counter,” said Triari after the launching, without further information on the number of units available for the Indonesian market.

At a standard resolution of up to 8 megapixels, the Nokia 808 PureView will be able to zoom in without a loss of clarity.

At its highest resolution of 38 megapixels, the Nokia 808 is capable of capturing an image, zooming, reframing, cropping and resizing to expose previously unseen levels of detail.

Research conducted by Nielsen during October and November 2011 said that 41 percent of smartphone owners in Indonesia’s major cities had a Nokia, followed by Blackberry at 21 percent and Samsung at 9 percent.

However, Nokia faces tough competition with Android phones and iPhones in the global cell phone market.

According to Triari, with the launch of the 808 PureView and the Windows-run Lumia 800 and 710 in February, Nokia was betting on the rapidly expanding smartphone market in Indonesia.

“We are aware of the competition but we are still the leader in digital imaging technology,” he said.


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