Norwegian Students Mingling with Singaporean Entrepreneurs

In regards to this year’s launch of the Norwegian Entrepreneurship program (Gründerskolen) in Singapore, a large number of Norwegian students and Singaporean entrepreneurs were gathered at the Ambassador’s residence on 7 June 2012.

The Norwegian Ambassador to Singapore H.E. Janne Julsrud held a welcoming speech for the guests. In her speech she emphasized the importance of innovation, and small- and medium-sized businesses to ensure economic growth in a developed economy. Among the listeners were students, entrepreneurs and faculty members from different universities in Singapore.

Many of the participating students are currently pursuing their degrees, whereas others have already finished. In the following three months, they will sharpen their entrepreneurial skills at a highly innovative and dynamic Singaporean start-up. These companies are involved in a range of industries such as IT, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and renewable energy. Thus, the opportunities are many for both interns and employers.

The Norwegian Entrepreneurship program (Gründerskolen) is a co-operative project between several higher educational institutions in Norway. The program was launched in 1999, and is coordinated by Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Oslo. An important goal of the program is to give students additional knowledge about business development and start-ups. Currently, about 150 students are spread across locations such as Boston, Houston, San Francisco and Singapore.

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