Denmark Promotes Green Growth in Vietnam

Denmark confirms its commitment to alleviate poverty in Vietnam with a new Development Strategy focusing on promoting Green Growth.

Recently launched by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the new Development Strategy aims to fight poverty in Vietnam through sustainable growth and development. The long term drive for this process is green growth which addresses economic, environmental and social sense.

This could be achieved through the increased use of innovative and clean technologies for energy efficiency, renewable energy as well as efficient use of the water and mineral resources, ecosystem diversity and other natural foundations on which our world relies.

The Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam is converting the New Development Strategy from words into action by promoting Green Growth initiatives in a vast number of areas including Wind Power, Energy Efficiency and Waste Management. Furthermore, the Danida Business Partnership and the Danida Business Finance programs have concentrated their grant to projects and initiatives that are ‘green’.

By introducing Danish clean and green technologies and know-how, Denmark has been taking an active part in supporting Vietnam’s poverty alleviation through assuring sustainable high growth rates that help bring prosperity and comfort to the poor people.

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