Nordic Chambers Host CSR Event

The Nordic Chambers in Thailand gathered Thursday June 14 for a breakfast seminar on Corperate Social Responsibility (CSR) and invited a guest speaker Mr. Thomas H. Nyborg, Managing Director for Pandora Production in Thailand to share his own personal insight upon the topic CSR – what is it and who cares?

Mr. Nyborg gave an introduction on what CSR is, by using his known knowledge and experiences from working for Pandora, and moved on to inform the audience on which impacts CSR has on Pandora and reverse. As a stock-exchanged listed MNE, Pandora has a lot of “public” attention on their legitimacy in doing business. For this reason, Pandora has decided to comply on some international business ethics standards, so Pandora lives up to the norms and ethical values of doing “responsible” business.

Besides being held accountable to the international standards, Pandora has also created a set of CSR-values themselves. Furthermore, Mr. Nyborg used some cases and examples from Pandora to explain how CSR has been used strategically to create value for Pandora.

Mr. Nyborg also informed that CSR has many aspects to it, as it is more than just creating a sustainable supply chain and, for example, also includes about caring about internal staff and creating value for the society.

After an informative seminar – on behalf of the Nordic Chambers – Mrs. Mai Ellegaard, Board Member of DanCham, thanked Mr. Nyborg for his presentation and handed over a small gift as a token of appreciation.

To end the seminar, there was a Q&A-session, where several interesting and relevant questions where put forth and answered, including on corruptions impact on CSR

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