Thai Royal Elephant’s 50 Years Jubilee Celebrated at Copenhagen Zoo

Organized by Thai Embassy in Denmark and Copenhagen Zoo, the Thai Royal Elephant’s 50 years jubilee was celebrated on May 31 in the Presence of Prince Henrik of Denmark and his 4 grandchildren.

Copenhagen has a long tradition of breeding elephants. In 1962, King Rama IX of Thailand presented two elephants “Chiang Mai” and “Buag Hag” as gift to King Frederik IX and Queen Ingrid after a royal visit to Thailand.

The two elephants from Thailand arrived at Copenhagen Zoological Gardens. Though only one called “Chiang Mai” – 53 years old this year-is left at the zoo today, there are about 11 elephants breed from the two royal Thai elephants around Copenhagen zoo over the past 50 years.

In 2001, King Rama IX of Thailand offered three more elephants to Danish monarchy to strengthen relationship between the two countries. Next year two elephants from Royal Thai elephants will be born at Copenhagen zoo.

The celebration started at 5.00pm on May 31. The zoo was closed for the day. ‘Kasetsart Jazz Ensemble’ band flew from Thailand to perform Jazz music at the special event. Only 150 guests were invited to this exclusive event.

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