Danish Children Must Have Own Passports

As of 26 June 26, 2012, all Danish Children must have their own passport as it will no longer be possible for children under the age of 15 to travel with their names imbedded into the passport of their parents or any other adult prior to October 1st 2004.

As reported by the Danish Embassy in Singapore, this also applies if the journey out of the country happens prior to the June 26th- if the journey into the country happens after June 26th 2012.

The adult or parent who has the child imbedded into his/her passport is, however, not required to have their passport renewed at this time.

Also, 26 June will mark the day it will no longer be possible to have a ‘fællespas’ issued, through which i.e students and teachers may travel abroad using the same passport.

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