PM Yingluck MeetsThai Communities from Scandinavia

On the last day of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s visit to France, she met with some 300 members of the Thai communities from Denmark, Norway, and France.

The PM thanked all at the meeting for their support while expressing confidence in the Pheu Thai-led government’s efforts in the post-flood rehabilitation.

PM Yingluck stated that the government will try to make sure that all Thais, no matter where they are, will be taken care of.

Moreover, she asked attending Thais about their problems while living abroad, most of which are about their work in Thai restaurants and spa as well as their lack of ID cards. Some Thai students in France also raised their problems about living with host families.

PM assured that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would take a lead in solving all problems, and that Thais living abroad would be able to have an ID card beginning in 2013, after which they would also be able to cast votes in all elections.

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