Norway Supports Report on Role of Women in Asia’s Forests

The Norwegian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, supports the suite of analyses called “Securing Women’s Tenure and Leadership for Forest Management: A Summary of the Asian Experience” at the International Workshop on Gender and Forest Tenure in Asia and Collective Forest Tenure Reform in China.

This new research provides a comprehensive analysis on the status of forest tenure rights and gender rights through the continent.

Hosted by the Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF) and co-organized by Rights and Resources Initiative, Landesa-RDI, and the State Forestry Administration (SFA) of China, the workshop attendance includes high-level participation from provincial and national government agencies in China, leading experts on gender and forest tenure from throughout Asia and voices from Chinese civil society.

The reports demonstrate that exclusion and inequality on gender grounds are still rife and often due to cultural and social norms, economic pressures, and inadequate legal and institutional frameworks. The authors use field cases from Indonesia, China, the Philippines and Nepal to illustrate their points and despite differences in legal framework, there are many similarities between the countries when it comes to forest tenure rights and gender.

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