Danish Embassy Supports Report on Climate Change in Vietnam

Prepared by the University of Copenhagen, UN-Wider and CIEM, a recent report on “Implications of Climate Change for Economic Growth and Development in Vietnam” was presented at the workshop recently held at the Danish Embassy in Vietnam.

The report Implications of Climate Change for Economic Growth and Development in Vietnam is based on probably the most comprehensive analysis of climate change impacts for Vietnam, focusing on implications for economic growth and development until 2050. Present at the workshop were representatives from all three institutions; Ms. Vu Xuan Nguyet Hong (CIEM), Professor Finn Tarp (Director of UN-Wider) and Professor Channing Arndt (University of CPH).

Mr. John Nielsen, the Danish Ambassador, opened the workshop by emphasizing the necessity of focusing on climate change issues in a country like Vietnam, where “…a combination of low-lying land, large shares of national income produced by agriculture, and geography could interact to dramatically increase the risks associated with a warming planet”.  This statement is supported by the results of the report, which predicts the temperature, in all regions of Vietnam, to increase ranging from a minimum of “…slightly less than one degree Celsius to a maximum slightly more than 2 degrees Celsius”.

Vietnam is aware of these predictions, and the country has already developed a climate change strategy with a strategy for green growth soon to follow. According to Mr. John Nielsen this significant development shows that there is a growing awareness in Vietnam that focus has to be shifted from economic growth in quantity to “quality of growth”, bearing in mind the importance and benefits of protecting the environment.

The Ambassador expressed the hope that policy makers would be inspired by the recommendations in the report to ensure that necessary measures are taken to adapt to climate changes and a continued economic growth, also in the future.

The full report will soon be available on this link


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