Aker Arctic to Design First Chinese Polar Research Icebreaker

The Finnish specialist in ship design, Aker Arctic, has been selected to perform the conceptual and basic design of the new Polar Research Vessel for China.


The plan to build an advanced new icebreaking research vessel to meet the increased need of polar scientific research was made by the State Oceanic Administration (SOA) China, Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration (CAA), and the Polar Research Institute of China (PRIC).


The new vessel will be equipped with advanced scientific equipment for polar oceans research as well as integrated survey systems such as marine geological and geophysical equipment, marine biological and ecological instruments. The vessel may be used also for the Antarctic station supplies logistic tasks undertaking some of M/V Xuelong’s mission especially in the heavy sea ice condition.


This is the second governmental icebreaker project in a short time for Aker Arctic and thus a proof of the increasing interest in the Arctic areas and the need for reliable and efficient vessels. The value of the signed contract exceeds 5 Million Euros.


Director General of the Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration of State Oeananic Administration Qu Tanzhou said after sustained effort, the SOA and the Aker Arctic Technology Inc., agree with all the basic design requirements of the new Polar Research Vessel of China and have signed a contract.


“This contract is very important for solving the increasing needs of polar scientific research. As the first polar scientific research icebreaker for China, its successful design and build will not only push forward our polar scientific research career by achieving more successes, but also will make great development on Chinese ship construction industry,” he said.


“The award is a significant milestone for aker Arctic. Currently working for the Canadian John F. Diefenbaker polar icebreaker, this contract in China is a clear evidence of our global role in the development of advanced Arctic technologies and solutions,” said Mikko Niini, Managing Director of Aker Arctic Technology Inc.


The polar research icebreaker for China will be designed to accommodate a total of 90 people and will have a length overall of about 120 meters, a maximum breadth of 22,3 m and draught of 8,5 m.


The vessel will have the ability to break through 1.5 m of level ice at 2 to 3 knots speed, including multi-year ice. The vessel will be fitted with twin azimuthing propeller drives. Ice class will be PC3 and the vessel will have dual classification from China Classification Society (CCS) and Lloyds Register of Shipping (LR).


The design time is expected to take seven months to complete. The design package will then be provided to a design company or yards, which are to be in charge of the detailed design and workshop drawings of the vessel.

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