Jeeranan: Jonis and Wasan knew of each other

Following up on the teenage love drama, that ended in a manslaughter on Friday in Sakao 250 km east of Bangkok, ScandAsia called Jeeranan to find out more about what happened at the scene of the incident. According to Jeeranan, the two boys, Wasan and Jonis, knew of each other. However, she refused to say if there was any sign of jealousy from each of them. “I don’t know” is the response that the young Thai girl repeated several times.

Jeeranan said that on the day of the incident, she got a phone call from Wasan while she was with Jonis in the hotel room. The plan was to go out somewhere together as a group with other friends that afternoon. Wasan arrived at the hotel shortly after the phone call and she went down to meet him at the lobby to take him up to the room they stayed in. Once the door opened, Wasan got in the room. It was the first time the two boys met. And before she knew it, the door was shut and turned locked automatically. She said she couldn’t do anything but waiting outside assuming there was a fight.

“It sounded like someone was banging the door but I didn’t know what happened then,” said Jeeranan.

She said that after awhile the door opened and Wasan walked out. She didn’t even realize that he was injured. She walked straight in the room meaning to shout at her boyfriend asking what happened. Then she saw some bloods and realized there was more than just a common quarrel. After a talk with her boyfriend, she called the police to report the situation.

Jeeranan said that Jonis’s family is aware of the case and that they are waiting for the Swedish Embassy visit. At the moment, she stays in the area and visits her boyfriend almost every day.

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