New Face at DanCham

There’s a fresh face at Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce (DanCham), Ditte Rosenquist, who started her internship as a Project Coordinator on August 6. It’s the first time the 24-year-old Dane has come to Asia and she is now enjoying the vibrant city life of Bangkok. 

Ditte’s Background and Experience

Ditte recently completed a BSc in Business, Language and Culture, which is an international education at Copenhagen Business School. She is currently having a break from her studies in order to gain international work experience and new insights about the business environment as well as culture in another country.

“I have always been involved in some kind of project. I enjoy watching how projects develop from nothing to something great for people to enjoy,” Ditte explains.

In Copenhagen, she worked as a volunteer on various projects as well as a Recruitment Assistant at a recruitment agency called Student Consulting.

Working at DanCham

Ditte expects that the internship at DanCham will provide her with an opportunity to apply her personal interests at work when hosting and taking part in various events and projects. She stresses that the internship is relevant to her educational background and in line with her career prospects.

At DanCham she is in charge of social media management which includes updating Facebook, Linkedin, and the webpage with DanCham’s events and news. She is also responsible for co-organizing events for the Nordic Young Professionals and other networking events such as Breakfast seminars and many more.

Life in Thailand

Ditte enjoys the city life of Bangkok. She is looking forward to discovering art galleries as well as exploring the city in general.

She is also keen on exploring other parts of Thailand, especially in the north and various places along the coast.

Ditte’s internship will end in the beginning of February next year. She will probably sign up for a Master’s Degree program in the autumn of 2013.

“I haven’t decided which university or which city to study at yet. Who knows, I might stay in Bangkok,” Ditte tells with a smile.

Ditte suggests Danes in Bangkok to mark their calendars on October 19, 2012 for the DanCham’s 20th Anniversary.

For more information, contact 02 354 5220 or visit this link

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