Swedish murder case postponed

The trial of two Swedish men charged with killing a countryman on Phuket did not precede today, when two key witnesses and the prosecutor failed to attend the hearing at Phuket Provincial Court, writes Phuket Wan.

Tommy Viktor Suderlund and Johan Sebastian Ljung killed Maksim Schantz, their former partner in a call centre scam,  August 1. 2011. The court had scheduled to  interview Police Lieutenant Nanon Pitakkulthorn or Dr Surapong Sorjalern, of Vachira Phuket Hospital today, but neither of the two witnesses appeared in court, nor did the prosecutor Eaknara Lungsanam. The hearing was postponed until November.

The victim’s mother, Yvonne Schantz, is becoming concerned, that she would never learn the truth about the killing of her son. 

”I have tried to call the policeman and the doctor many times, but there has been no answer,” she said. ”Why does nobody want to give evidence in my son’s case?”

The two Swedes have pleaded not guilty to murder and insisted that killing Schantz was never their intention.

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