Danish technology for Chinese challenges

Over the next 10 years China is planning to invest RMB 4000 billion (DKK 3770 billion) in water technology and know-how. A series of water events in the autumn will be held, in order for Denmark to show and share its competencies with China.

With 20 percent of the world’s population and only about seven percent of the world’s water resources, China is experiencing an annual water shortage of an average of 30-40 billion cubic meters. Only half of China’s wastewater is treated, reducing water quality and the supply of drinking water.

To face these challenges, China and EU established the China-Europe Water Platform (CEWP) in spring this year, with a Chinese-Danish lead. China needs solutions within Groundwater Management, Water Savings, Water Leakage and Water Treatment. Danish water technology competencies are world class, and therefore the Trade Council in China organizes a series of events, which will open the Chinese water market up for Danish companies.

From 25-28 September 2012 the International Yellow River Forum is conducted. It is held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. High-ranking representatives from China, Europe and Denmark will participate. At the Yellow River Forum around 2.000 participants are expected, and the event makes a focused frame for players in the Chinese water market to get connected.
In connection with the forum a Danish lead thematic session on Groundwater Management will be held. The idea is to discuss the Chinese challenges around Groundwater Management and also position the Danish driven pilot project on mapping the groundwater in China.

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