Thai Couple Deported from Denmark

A 43-year-old woman and a 31-year-old man, both from Thailand, have been sentenced to two and half years jail, and deportation from Denmark for life after being found guilty for human trafficking and illegal brothel operation.

The couple has been said to obtain Thai women and make them work as prostitutes under harsh conditions.

This case involves five Thai women in particular, who had worked at several brothels in Frederikshavn and Sunds near Herning. The couple were convicted for pimping and trafficking four of these women before being accused of forcing the fifth woman into prostitution as well.

Although, because the fifth woman refused to repeat the explanation she gave to the police in court, the couple were not convicted of this charge.

All the five women have been granted an undisclosed amount in compensation by the court. However, two of them have gone into hiding, as they fear the couple, and being thrown out of Denmark, while the remaining three have returned to Thailand. As of now, it is uncertain whether they will receive the compensation granted to them.

Prosecutor Peter Rask explained that the women must approach the court for this cause.

According to the Centre against Human Trafficking, in 2011, 60 people in Denmark have been recorded as human trafficking victims, 11 of whom were from Thailand. This placed Thailand as second on the list of victims around the world.

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