Danish students as Entrepreneurs in Shanghai

This week three students from Danish universities came to Shanghai to participate in a 12 week programme installing them at some of the leading science parks in Shanghai. Here the students will have a chance to learn from and experience Chinese incubation and start-up companies.

The project is started by The Danish foundation for Entrepreneurship who has launched the entrepreneur’s abroad programme simultaneously in Shanghai and Silicon Valley.

Innovation Centre Denmark is working as the local partner, ensuring the students access and collaborate with suitable science parks and start-up companies. During the 12 week programme, the students will work with the companies and get hands on experience of what is means to be a Chinese start-up company. They will be working within the areas of life science and information and communication technology that are some of Denmark’s core competences.

Great expectations

Starting their first day with introduction at Innovation Centre Denmark, the students are ready to dive into the Chinese innovation environment.
Project manager at Entrepreneurs Abroad, Mr. Pål Fernvall, has great expectations for the programme:

“The knowledge that the students gain in Shanghai about innovation is extremely valuable for the Danish entrepreneur community. Already after the first day, I can feel that the students are excited about their choice of destination and look forward to get the get into the game.”

Participant and student at IT University Jesper Egelund hopes that participating in the programme and experiencing the Chinese economy from the inside will be valuable for his future career:

“My academic and entrepreneurial expectations are focused on getting a new perspective on how we should collaborate and communicate across borders, and also to get a better understanding of just how small a country Denmark is” he says.

Knowledge from China to Denmark

Already on the first day the students are getting a bite of China.
Besides the personal and education development for the students, the project managers also hope that the students can bring valuable knowledge home to Denmark, that can be useful in the future for some of the sectors where Denmark has core competences.

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