Do you know how to bake Cinnamon Buns?

Cinnamon buns are very popular in Sweden during “fika time” (coffee break in Swedish). Many members of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Beijing have tasted cinnamon buns during coffee break at previous events.

“Do you know how to make them by yourself?” queried Yvonne Chen, the General Manager of the Swedish Chamber.

Yvonne Chen said, “We hope to attract more attention and interest to Sweden and Swedish culture from our local staff working in member companies in China. Therefore we arranged series of cooking courses under the theme -“This is Sweden”. We began the course with some of the more famous and popular Swedish foods that our members have already tasted, and more events will be arranged.”

Almost 30 members, including some members from Sweden, Italy and China attended the cooking course which took place on August 23, 2012. The chef from Smushi House showed the members how to bake the cinnamon buns and the participants were able to enjoy their own cinnamon buns after baking.

“It is really fun to learn how to bake cinnamon buns together with our Chinese and Swedish colleagues, and today is actually one of our Swedish colleagues’ birthday. Through this event, we not only learned to bake Swedish bread, but now know more about the Swedish culture. I have heard that in Sweden people like cinnamon buns so much that there is a festival for it in October, this is really interesting.” said one of the participants.

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