Members of DCCC gained insight on Chinese Law

The Danish Chamber of Commerce(DCCC) in Shanghai launched the Autumn season of 2012 on August 28th with the event Personal Encounter with the Law. The speaker was Lars-Aake Severin. He is the CEO and founder of PSU (China) Consulting Co. Ltd. a security consultancy company with offices in Beijing and Shanghai. Lars Aake was invited by the chamber to give some practical advice on how to tackle the situation if one were to have legal troubles in China.

Overall, China is considered as a safe country to visit and to live but occasionally foreigners face situations that can easily get out of control. In such situations, how would one avoid misunderstanding? What legals rights would one have? And what are to do and not to do?
The legal part of the presentation was prepared by Mannheimer & Svartling.

By the end of the presentation, the 20 participants learned among many other things that they must carry their passport with them (or a copy) at all the times, they are entitled to request to see proper identification when approached by a policeman in uniform, and it is required to have a Chinese drivers license when driving in China. One cannot drive with a Danish or International drivers license only. The practical advice and legal text was accompanied by lots of examples from real cases, where PSU have had to assist foreigners in difficult situations.

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