Norwegian man dies after bar fight in Pattaya

On Thursday 20 September 2012, police received a report on a bar fight at Norwegian-owned Kåres Party Bar in central Pattaya. 43-year-old Norwegian man Jarle Nyegaard was sent to Pattaya Memorial Hospital after being knocked down to the floor. He was in a coma suffering from a severe skull fracture and later pronounced dead on September 21.

The altercation was reportedly between Mr. Nyegaard and a man currently known as “Babu”. According to Pattaya One news,   Mr. Nyegaard was at the bar with friends when the fight started. He was attacked by the suspect and hit his head on a table during his fall to the floor, causing a major skull fracture. He was sent to the hospital right after the incident and was in a coma until he passed away today morning.

Police are currently investigating the case and are speaking with other patrons at the bar to identify the exact chain-of-events which led to the fight. The suspect known as “Bubu” remains at large.

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