Norwegian architect creates new headquarter for China Eastern Airlines

Norwegian architect firm Niels Torp has won the competition to build China Eastern Airlines new headquarter in Shanghai. The new headquarter will consist of 13 connected buildings totalling 225,000 square meters. The site for the construction is 66.000 square meters, and located at Hongquiao airport in Shanghai.

Shaped as a flower
Seen from the air the new headquarter will look like a flower.

“We have made a very different concept for this project. In Shanghai buildings are often very box-like. This construction is enormous in size but still “soft”. Green spaces separate the buildings and a park surrounds the area,” says Niels Torp.

The concept with buildings separated by green areas and surrounded by park was used by Niels Torp Architects when they build British Airways headquarter in London.

“This look totally different, but the concept is the same.”

The green areas and the height of the buildings, between six and 10 floors, makes the complex of buildings very atypical for Shanghai.

“In Shanghai construction is fast and dynamic. This project is scheduled to be finished in two or three years. To achieve this we have created simple, rational building shells which together form a diverse, nuanced unit,” says Niels Torp

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