Princess Marie met Danish businessmen in Cambodia

Princess Marie of Denmark is on a charity visit to Cambodia this week. On Tuesday, the Princess met with important Danish and Cambodian business people to support Danish business activities in Cambodia. The first exiting meeting was in the evening in restaurant Deco in Phnom Penh.
“It is a pleasure to be together with the Danish and Cambodian business people. I hope the relationship will continue to strengthen between the two countries,” Princess Marie said.

The Princess is married to the Danish Prince Joachim. Princess Marie is born French and the couple has two children.
Danish Ambassador Mikael Hemniti Winther said in his welcome speech that there is an intense cooperation between Cambodia and Denmark. It was his hope that this cooperation would continue to develop.
Princess Marie performed on Wednesday the official opening of the Danish company Go4Business at Hotel Cambodiana in Phnom Penh. Tommy Christensen, the Ceo and partner in the company, explained in his speech the business idea of the company.
“Go4BC is a Cambodian Offshore Marine Fuel Oil Business that leverages Danish Marine Fuel expertise with local Cambodian partners,” he said.
“Cambodia is well on its way to developing the Oil & Gas Sector offshore / onshore, as well as other resources and commodities. Go4BC believes with our successful track record and strong industry experience, that we can contribute to a positive development of the Maritime Sector through our Cambodia Offshore Marine Fuel Oil Base, Tommy Christensen added.
Tommy Christensen saw the coming Asean Free Trade zone as a positive opportunity:
“The Go4BC concept will help position Cambodia strongly within the Maritime Sector which in crucial for trading.Cambodia can demonstrate it is in control of its own well-developed infrastructure, transport and logistics sectors. These sectors are heavily represented by Danish companies like DAMCO and Maersk Line who also have a mission to assist the development of Cambodia and generate sustainable businesses between Danish and Cambodian Industries through education, transfer of knowledge and technology,” he said.

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