TDW pipeline pressure isolation operation completed in record time

TDW Offshore Services announced that it completed an offshore pipeline pressure isolation operation ahead of schedule in just 18 hours, resulting in minimum downtime, reduced costs, and no impact on the environment.


TDW conducted the operation on behalf of a Malaysian company. The isolation was carried out in order to prepare for the tie-in of a new gas pipeline to an existing gas export pipeline attached to a platform offshore the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.


To formulate a solution that would make it possible to safely and efficiently perform the eventual tie-in, the Malaysian company, which specialises not only in pipeline pressure isolation services, but in assessment and repair, inline cleaning and inspection and related offshore services as well, worked closely with TDW.


Following extensive consultation and several visits to the site of the tie-in, TDW and the client decided to carry out double-block isolations against the gas pressure in two connecting pipelines so that work on the tie-in point could take place safely.


One of the primary challenges faced by TDW was the narrow operating window of 26 hours. Because the platform is a producing platform owned by another major operator, the Malaysian company was required to complete the installation of the tie-in tee as quickly as possible, so as not to disrupt production through the platform for an extended period.


Isolation completed in 18 hours


TDW completed the two double-block pressure isolations with its SmartPlug® isolation technology in just 18 hours. From mobilisation to demobilisation, the entire offshore operation took only seven days.


The Malaysian company was very relieved that the tie-in was completed successfully and recognised the significant role that TDW played in achieving this crucial task.


As a result of the double-block pipeline pressure isolation operations, the Malaysian company saved the cost of bleeding down the affected pipelines or flaring off gas into the atmosphere, both of which are costly and environmentally intrusive.


“This operation was like a synchronized pit stop tire change on a Formula 1 race car during a Grand Prix,” said Rolf Gunnar Lie, Regional Business Development Manager-Asia Pacific for TDW.


“Our goal was to keep downtime to a minimum while maintaining the highest possible safety standards, so we planned every isolation down to the smallest detail. It’s extremely satisfying that our joint efforts produced such an impressive result, without a single safety incident,” he added.

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