Danish NIRAS Consulting Engineers and Planners buys Scanagri

     Founded in 1956 and with over 700 employees NIRAS is one of the largest consulting companies in Denmark. The company has been looking for opportunities to increase its activities within the agriculture and natural resources management as well as within the food sector. NIRAS has also been eager to expand its operations into the Baltic region. Having representations in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Poland Scanagri created this opportunity. NIRAS will also gain a great deal of international activities given by the deal, since Scanagri is presently active in more than 50 countries, and has gained experience from more than 150 countries.
     The reason for the selling of Scanagri lies behind the Danish and Swedish agricultural organizations, the major stakeholders of the company. The organizations had chosen to sell the company for strategic reasons, mainly believing in NIRAS’s ability to develop and improve the utilization of Scanagri’s resources and potentials.

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