United Plantations – sustainable company vilified by NGO’s or a bully who threatens critics?

Here, ScandAsia had published an article about United Plantations and the Danish newspaper Politiken and the German television channel ZDF. Search for the three and you will be able to read about what connects them.

Following the publication of the article, which I thought gave a brief and balanced round-up of the press issue of the matter, I received an email from a person employed by United Plantations pointing to some inaccuracies in the text. An attempt to enter a dialogue to straighten those few disputed wordings resulted in another email maintaining the request that the whole article should  be removed.

The two emails made me afraid of United Plantations and what they may do to me. I read the emails as a threat to me and ScandAsia. The subject of the two emails had the word ‘DEFAMATION’ in it – in capitals. Other words in the email made me fear, that if I did not remove the whole text, I would face a lawsuit. I fear that would not be all.

Call me chickenshit and I will accept it, but although I am interested in the integrity of ScandAsia.com I will not this time stand my ground and fight for my right to report on the dispute between United Plantations and Politiken. I don’t want to be “the grass that gets trampled when the elephants fight”.

Sadly, I used to have tremendous admiration for United Plantations.

Best regards
Gregers Moller

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