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The website of the Danish Thai Chamber of Commerce has been redesigned and boosted with a lot of features previously not available.
     The most noticeable development is the color scheme which has changed from its former dusty green and olive colours to an aggressive red and Bordeaux scheme. The new colors have been selected by DTCC board member in charge of the website Bent Bj๘rlin Hansen and International Business Trainee at the DTCC office Mr. Esben Gravlev Rasmussen.
     They have also renewed the menu structure and the links on the website to provide a wide range of new links grouped in easy to overlook sub-menus.
     Not visible to the ordinary visitor at is a content management system which makes it possible for the staff at the office of the Danish Thai Chamber of Commerce to upload news and photos on the page, announce events, set up new member profiles and other management tasks.
     The very popular quick currency converter has been maintained just below the main menu line at the top of the opening screen. Many members come here several times a day to quickly check the value of a certain amount in another currency at a certain date.
     Below this, the list of coming events has been given a prominent place at the top of the page between the two side banners. Events are among the core services of the chamber because it offers the members a chance to meet and build business contacts and personal friendship with other members.
     To the right on the screen, the frequent visitor will notice that the advertiser banners are constantly rotating. This is a new feature created to ensure equal exposure to all the supporters of the website by giving all banners some time at the top of the list before being rotated further down on the list.
     To the right hand side of the screen, all links have been grouped and ordered into menus and sub-menus. An example of a menu which has been vastly expanded is the menu ‘Busines in Thailand’ where simply holding the mouse over the button opens the first menu. From here, moving the mouse to the item of interest opens up the submenu.
     Below the menu a dedicated search option has been established, powered by Google, which gives a result of everything with the search word found only on – anywhere on the site, including member profiles. Search for “shoes” and among the result will be the member profile of ECCO (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
     The programming of the management system and the renewal of the design has technically been done by Monchai Kotchawang, webmaster at Scand-Media Corp., Ltd.
     The Chamber welcomes comments and suggestions to any further improvements of the functionality of the site. Please email to [email protected]

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