Internet on Scandinavian Airlines flights

Scandinavian Airlines International, the long haul operator of SAS, carries about 1.6 million passengers a year using 11 Airbus 330 and 340 aircraft.
     The possibility to use the SAS Net Access service, is already available on two of Scandinavian Airline’s aircraft and will be introduced into all flights to Asia and Seattle in mid-February. The cost is USD 29.95 for an entire flight or USD 9.95 for 30 minutes plus 25 cents for each additional minute. Besides cash, passengers will have the option of paying for internet access by using credit cards or their EuroBonus points. Since the connection is wireless, it requires that the computer enables wireless connections (WLAN).
     “We want to be able to offer our customers choices for their journeys. The customer must have the possibility to use the time on board for such activities as working, stay in contact with friends and family or relaxing,” says Lars Lindgren, Head of Scandinavian Airlines International.

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