Swedish tourists file police report against Danish swindler

Police in Sweden is investigating fraud charges from Swedish tourists against a Danish man based in Thailand.
     Early 2003 the Swedish tourists paid SEK 7,500.00 per person to a travel agency company the Dane claimed to run in Pathum Thani north of Bangkok.
     But the promised round trip in Thailand and South East Asia during April and May 2003 never materialized.
     In letters from the fraudulent travel agency, the Danish mastermind claimed that sars, the Iraq war and bird flu forced him to cancel the round trip.
     After several attempts to get the money refunded, and unfulfilled promises of replacement trips, the Swedes reported the man and his travel agency to Swedish police this winter.
     Danish television, TV2, ran a colourful documentary about the man’s life as a swindler last November.
     His latest but maybe not last scam was to try fish money from gullible volunteers to a fall 2004 project aiming to help poor children in Thailand and South Africa.
     The volunteers had to pay the Dane to join. It is still unclear if anyone was tricked into the volunteer project but the phone number applicants should call in Bangkok has been shut and the Danish embassy in Bangkok has posted a cautionary notice about the project on its homepage.

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