Satisfaction in Singapore at DABS’ Annual General Meeting

On the evening of March 8, the Danish Business Association of Singapore (DABS) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Hollandse Club in downtown Singapore, and it was an evening without any upsets for the organization. DABS presented their financial result for 2004, which yielded a surplus of over 20,000 Singapore Dollars.
     “We are very satisfied with the way things are going for us right now. Even though we are a non-profit organization, it is still good for us to have a financial buffer of this size,” says the President of DABS, Henrik Ziegler.
     The satisfaction with this year’s AGM was further boosted by the relatively high attendance and by the smooth procedure of the actual meeting agenda. It only took the members about 20 minutes to approve the accounts and the budget of 2005, as well as elect the members for the Committee. 12 out of all 15 members of the Committee were re-elected, and three new faces joined them. In addition, Ole Molskov Bech from Novo Nordisk was elected new First Vice President, Henrik Jensen from Maersk was elected new Second Vice President, Niels Henrik Jensen from the East Asia Co. continues as the treasurer, and DFDS Transport’s John Iversen was elected new Committee Secretary.

Visit by the Prime Minister’s Media Advisor
Following the formal part of the AGM, everyone partook of a nicely-catered buffet, after which the invited guest speaker from Denmark, Mikkel Faurholdt, took the stage. As Head of the Press Department for Denmark’s Liberal Party (Venstre), he gave an insight into his job as media advisor for the Prime Minister, and shared some inside information about how the recent election was won.
     “Even though it wasn’t something we could use so much practically, it was very interesting to hear how the political landscape is developing and changing back in Denmark right now,” says President Henrik Ziegler.
     All in all, it was a very satisfied president who made his conclusions of the evening.
     “Things went really well and smoothly, there were no controversial issues to discuss, and everyone was clearly satisfied with the way things are going right now. DABS is going through great progress at the moment, and the evening’s attendance proved the big support we have right now from both our voting members and our associate members,” he says.

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